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Artishock, the most viewed digital magazine of contemporary art in Chile and one of the most visited specialized art sites in Ibero-America, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year with a special online sale that brings together a hundred prominent artists from Chile and other Latin American countries.

The sale launches on May 1, Día del Trabajador (Chile’s equivalent to USA’s Labor Day) and will remain online until May 08 2020 in Artishock’s new online shop, Artishop, hosted at


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Founded in late 2010 in Santiago de Chile by Venezuelan journalist Alejandra Villasmil, with the financial support from FONDART (National Fund for the Development of Culture and the Arts), Artishock emerged in an online format to fill a niche: to have a specialized media in Chile that would make known the local scene to the rest of the Spanish-speaking world, soon becoming the most complete information and analysis platform for Latin American art, establishing itself as a benchmark both in Chile and abroad.

“We are celebrating a decade of being a bridge between the Latin American art and the world. Our broad global reach is a result of the persistent, rigorous and selfless work of many people in several countries, struggling financially.  In these ten years we have been active, we have done so with resources that only cover the minimum annual operating costs,” says its director.

OSCAR ABRAHAM PABÓN, Rational Geography (2019), collage on paper, 29 x 21 cm

The regularity of its publications about the local art scene and Chileans artists abroad was one of Artishock’s first hits, being a specialized media in Spanish –with a growing percentage of publications in English and/or Portuguese–, with daily updates and more than 30,000 unique readers per month.

This adds to the way the magazine is open to focus on the rest of the practices in Latin America, a territory still to be studied and researched in depth, attending both large art exhibitions and events as well as small initiatives, giving visibility also to alternative spaces. The Artishock archive, accumulated over almost ten years, functions as a source of news, interviews, articles and conversations between artists.

PATRICK HAMILTON, Progreso Reflejado (2012), C-Print. Ed: 9/10 + 2AP, 64 x 48 cm

“Artishock has managed to make the dream of a serious place for debate and news about the previously fragmented field of Latin American art come true. In a short time, it has become the place sine qua non of Latin American art criticism, with seriousness, coherence and quality,” says the former director and chief curator of Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, and curator of the 33rd São Paulo Biennial (2018), Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro.

Artishock has received financing by the Fondo Nacional para el Desarrollo Cultural y las Artes (Fondart) of Chile’s Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, on four occasions. Since its creation as an independent medium, Artishock has found ways to support itself financially, from advertising to special art sales. Thus, in 2018 it organized its first art auction to raise funds to continue its activities, which was held with great success in June at the Galería Patricia Ready in Santiago.

To finance its operations for a new year, a second auction would be held in November 2019, which had to be postponed after the social outburst of October 18 in Chile. This would be rescheduled for May 2020, also at Galería Patricia Ready; however, it was later cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the planet.

JOSÉ DÁVILA, Orden Discontinuo LX, 2019, silkscreen print on cardboard, 58.4 x 58.4 x 4.6 cm

Using its digital platform, the hyperconnectivity that social distancing has generated, and with the support of dozens of artists and galleries, Artishock has organized a special online sale with artworks by 100 Latin American artists from diverse backgrounds and media, including painting, printmaking, photography, drawing, sculpture, installation and video.

Among the artists participating are Chileans Raúl Zurita, Voluspa Jarpa, José Pedro Godoy, Julia Toro, Cristóbal Cea, Gianfranco Foschino, Patricia Domínguez, Juan Castillo, Nicolás Grum, Nicolás Franco, Patrick Hamilton, Alicia Villarreal, Mónica Bengoa, Claudio Correa, Paula de Solminihac, Juvenal Barría and Sebastián Calfuqueo, together with Andrés Bedoya (Bolivia/USA), Andrés Marroquín (Peru/Germany), Carlos Martiel (Cuba/USA), Enrique Jezik (Argentina/Mexico), Fernando Bryce (Peru), Huanchaco (Peru), José Dávila (Mexico), José Luis Martinat (Peru), Lucía Pizzani (Venezuela/UK) and Miguel Braceli (Venezuela/USA).

It should be noted that the sale includes emerging artists or those with limited national and international visibility in order to boost their careers.

LUCÍA PIZZANI, Selva, 2019, pigment inkjet print on cotton paper, 60 x 40 cm. Edition: 2/5

“Artists are the basis of the art circulation system, in the sense that they are not only the creators and raison d’être of the system itself, but also because many initiatives rely on them to raise funds without offering anything in return –thus making the system even more precarious. Aware of this, Artishock, as in the 2018 auction, is offering the artists a commission between 50% and 30% of the final sale price. The vast majority of the pieces on sale were made in 2019, some of them never seen before,” says Villasmil.

Artishock has more than 60 collaborators in different cities in America and Europe, including curators, art historians, critics, journalists, and artists. Artishock also has an editorial committee made up of Pablo León de la Barra, Andrea Giunta, Pablo Helguera, Sofía Hernández Chong-Cuy, Chus Martínez, Miguel López, María Inés Rodríguez, Christian Viveros-Fauné and Octavio Zaya.

MAGDALENA ATRIA, Los abrazos rotos (2019), ceramic, enamel, nuanced acrylic fiber, 40 x 60 cm. approx.

“Artishock has been, in recent years, the best platform for Latin American art both for the excellence of its contributions and for its capacity to incorporate contexts that expand the canonical limits of Latin American art. In this space dedicated to Latin American art, critical questions intersect with the search for information that expands the traditional boundaries of Latin American art scenes. Artishock is an amphibious platform that condenses aesthetic simultaneities. Because of its dimension, the problems and the fluid geographies (of gender, race, space, time) it covers, Artishock is an extraordinary and essential archive. A window to know what is happening, in what ways it is mutating and what are some of the political and theoretical questions that are shaking the contemporary art scene in Latin America,” says Andrea Giunta.

Translated by Romina Pedernera

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